Data flow design platform

Leveraging a “Design first” approach, the akwatype platform places data modeling at the heart of your APIs and events design.

The akwatype platform

As IS become more and more modular, integrating internal or external bricks of Artificial Intelligence and exposing more and more data outside the company, the design of data flows is a major issue to keep the agility and coherence of the IS.

akwatype is a cloud platform offering powerful collaborative tools for describing and exploring data exchanges. It allows to associate functional and technical stakeholders in the design of flows upstream of the development phase.

akwatype integrates into the API development process by exporting its descriptions to the OpenAPI format, a widely adopted industry standard for describing APIs.

A data-driven design

akwatype allows to simply describe a shared exchange data model, which each API or message uses to describe the data it transports.

This approach guides the design of the content of exchanges and ensures a high level of consistency of APIs and messages.

A powerful repository of APIs and messages

akwatype descriptions allow you to define data, APIs and messages in the same repository.

The graphical representations and extractions generated provide a global understanding of exchanges by taking into account both synchronous and asynchronous exchanges.

Cross-references between all these elements make it possible to understand where the data are used and to detect very quickly the impacts of changes.

An incremental process

From the first descriptions made, you benefit from graphical representations of data and flows, as well as the generation of openAPI descriptions.

In addition to ensuring a quick start, akwatype also allows a very high capitalization on the descriptions made. This reuse makes it possible to accelerate the following iterations and gradually build up a coherent mapping of exchanges within the described perimeter.

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